Blockchain Changing Gaming Industry


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Blockchain is a emerging technology. It has multiple usecase and can be used in multiple platform for multiple reasons.

In this article we will write about one of the sectors blockchain can help in a massive way

Gaming is a Billion dollar industry where. Blockchain technology is changing the way of gaming.

Monetizing the product (Game)

Game developers and Companies use few ways to monetize their products thru ads, in game purchase or premium subscription

Among them In game purchase or Rewards for ads are quite popular and mostly used

But monetizing the game and keeping the customers happy at the same time isn't a easy work to do.

To solve this issue blockchain can be used with a method called P2P - Peer to Peer.

Using P2P method users can buy sell game items among themselves profiting them and the owner.

A decentralized marketplace can be setuped using blockchain inside the game where gamers can trade game items among them and by charging exchange fee developers can make money.

Reducting Fraudulent Activities

Fraudulent activity and piracy are one of the biggest problems in this sector.

Expert programmers or hackers crack into a game and make it available for everyone for free by adding malicious code for their own profit

If the game is using a in purchase model to monetize the product and gets cracked the model will fail resulting financial loss to the owners.

By using blockchain this issue can be solved by reducing the risk and adding a security chain to the system.O

ne of the main advantage of blockchain is that its highly secure and uses a set of encryption to protect itself.

Blockchain enables highly encrypted data and cryptocurrency can be used as a payment method in it.

Developers can use blockchain to secure as well as cryptocurrency to accept payment for their goods

Blockchain is a game changer for online casino, lotteries and anything that relays on number generation

On the top end hackers will have hard time to crack the game as all the data and codes are used to build the game is already encrypted .

Making Safer Purchase

For gamers in purchase is a common way to buy game credits and game items.

For most developers In game purchase system is the only monetize their product.

By adding the need of game items it becomes a need to buy the items in order to finish the game.

It keeps gamers playing and helps them to run their business.

Blockchain makes in purchase more easy and safer ny using dedicated cryptocurrency build by the game owner or selected by game company.

In other words users can purchase game items more easily, safely, fast and with lesser cost.

Unique player profile

To make a profile in any game owners or company want you to add your personal google, yahoo, discord, facebook or twitter account data but its not always safe to add personal data on a game just for creating a profile.

Here blockchain comes into play to help gamers protect their data also with high level encryted system.

If the game is developed on blockchain then gamers will able to make a profile using a public address and can do transaction with cryptocurrency with other gamers using the game community.

This creates flexibility and cross border payment transction and safes gamers data as well as their payments. Not like centralized system it's more safer and encryted than traditional gaming methods.

Blockchain can enable a lot more opportunities to this industry if used properly

Mainstream adoption can make things faster and more can be done with blockchain to provide a better experience for both gamers and developers